Specialty Paints

Dharma Trading Co. has a variety of specialty fabric paints for every fabric type and technique.

USE FOR: Painting, staining, faux marbling, stamping, stenciling, watercolor techniques

USE ON: Wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete and laminate, most any surface. Non-toxic.

USE FOR: Metallic Effects, Stamping, Stenciling, Handpainting, Airbrushing (thinned), Silkscreen.

USE ON: Natural fabrics and most synthetics and blends, wood, paper and leather, both light and dark.

USE FOR: Painting (when you need bright OPAQUE color on your leather) for touch up, or to customize or change the color. 

USE ON: Leather, Plastic Leather (Pleather), and some Vinyl

USE FOR: Fabric painting, stamping, stenciling

USE ON: Most fabrics - canvas, lampshades, linens, some synthetics, etc. Good coverage on dark fabrics. Non-toxic.

USE FOR: Painting on light or dark fabrics, dimensional suede feel, stenciling, screen printing, block printing

USE ON: All Natural and most Synthetic Fabrics

USE FOR: Embellishing, Painting and Writing.

USE ON: T-shirts, greeting cards, scrapbooks, fabric, ribbon, leather, gourds, shoes and much more.

USE FOR: Anywhere you need a glow! Hand paint, Silkscreen, stencil, etc.

USE ON: Most surfaces; fabrics as well as ceramics, glass, plastic, wood etc.

USE FOR: Adding metallic and pearlescent shimmer to any medium that can hold it

USE ON: Whatever transparent medium you want to add them to - fabric paint, resists, candles, house paint, Fimo, wax, wood varnishes, glue, etc.

USE FOR: Painting, Stamping, Printing, Rolling, and Dyeing.

USE ON: Fabric, Glass, Leather, Metal, Wood, Canvas, Paper, Plastic

USE FOR: Fabric Painting, stenciling, puff-paint, 3-D effects, outlining, gluing

USE ON: All natural or synthetic fabrics, leather, plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal, ceramics and more

USE FOR: Heliographic (Sun) Painting, Handpainting, Serti Technique, Tie-dye, Batik, Painting on colored and dark fabrics, metallic hi-lighting, stenciling, screen printing, block printing

USE ON: Most fabrics

USE FOR: Add to Setacolor or other fabric paints to "puff" them out with heat - makes regular fabric paints dimensional

USE ON: All fabrics that can be painted

USE FOR: Silk painting, Serti Technique, watercolor technique, hand painting, non-toxic pseudo Tie-dye and Batik, Crinkle Dyeing, Airbrushing, Spraying, all direct application

USE ON: Silk, Wool, Cotton, Nylon (untreated), Polyester, Synthetics & Blends, paper or just about any other porous material

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